The Foundation

The Villa Maraini Foundation, a natural outgrowth of the Villa Maraini Therapeutic Community founded in 1976 by Massimo Barra as part of the Italian Red Cross, is an assemblage of very broad and diverse facilities and services for the care and rehabilitation of drug dependencies.
This spectrum, built up over 38 years of operation, is an ongoing process with development opportunities extending in multiple directions, the historical and current aim being to seek out tools of value for therapeutic intervention, adapting as responsively as possible to changes in the drug-related circumstances of everyday life.

Philosophy of intervention.
"Addiction does not exist as an objective and unchanging reality: There are so many drug addicts, all of them different from one other and also changing as a function of passing time. Offering a single therapeutic solution forces the subject to adapt to intervention not necessarily suited to his dependency, with a high risk of dropout or failure. Therapy should be tailored to the subject and not the other way around. Hence the need to provide the addict with a wide range of options, after his condition is correctly diagnosed.
Villa Maraini has never refused anyone over its many years, with the conviction that if an addict who wants to quit is sick, the one who doesn't want to quit is even sicker and requires extra attention".

Massimo Barra

Our Services

Night center

Homeless drug users and those without a regular place to sleep are given hospitality.

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The HIV Unit

It offers medical and psychological support to drug users infected with HIV / AIDS

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The Emergency Unit

It works in close collaboration with the “Unità Strada” (the street unit) the local and State Police Forces.

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Training Centre

The Villa Maraini staff are constantly refreshed and kept up to date through periodic dynamic supervision.

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