On-line counselling

On-line counselling on drug related issues is available to social workers, school teachers, journalists, the youth, parents… and to all who want to know more on the issues related to drug use.
The aim of the service is:
  • to make known the factors leading to drug and alcohol dependency among youth, giving particular attention
  • to alcohol and new drugs in circulation; to provide useful information on alcohol and drugs, with the focus on prevention and effective messages for young people.
  • mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Another important role of this service is to involve individuals and groups by providing easy access to assistance, so as to be able to intervene  at an early stage of the abuse phenomenon. Psychologists, lawyers, educators and social workers answer every request within a maximum of 24 hours.
The counselling provided works closely with other existing public and private services.The Villa Maraini web site offers numerous links to other initiatives in the field of harm reduction and drug dependency. An on-line library is also available, so that material containing information on drug and alcohol dependency can be downloaded and disseminated.

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