Clinic Service

The 24-hour  Clinic Service offers free pharmaceutical assistance to everybody upon request, making no distinction or discrimination, and therefore including illegal immigrants, tramps, etc, even if they’re not covered by the Social Health System.
The Clinic Service is a  key support to all sectors of Villa Maraini:  it provides specific therapy in case of withdrawal symptoms and supports patients (both in and out) with the most appropriate medication, including oral Methadone, at short, medium and long term length.
This service is particularly specialized in Naltrexone therapy with regular psychotherapeutic support, suitable for preventing a relapse in heroin use in well motivated and detoxified opiate users. The Clinic Service prevents and controls the spread of infectious diseases and outbreaks in the community, through:
  • Medical counseling
  • General health exams
  • Sustainable treatment
  • Prophylactic treatment
  • Screening and referral for HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases
  • Immunization
Specific attention is given to blood related diseases and, or sexually transmitted diseases, in particular to HIV infection, with the possibility of carrying out relevant and appropriate tests and patient monitoring, in order to evaluate the status of the immune system.
The Italian Red Cross Laboratory and the nearby Hospitals collaborate with this service every time they’re required. During the year 2007 an average number of 350 people every day were assisted by the Clinic Service: out of these 250 were treated by oral methadone.

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