Night center

Homeless drug users and those without a regular place to sleep are given hospitality at the Night Shelter service. With the 15 beds available, the service provides accommodation for both men and women including daily medical and psychological assistance  guaranteed by the staff.
Reception at the Night Shelter opens every evening, with the possibility of taking a shower, being provided with clean clothes, dinner and breakfast in the Villa Maraini refectory. In order to maintain a high availability of accomodation and to allow the Service to contact and board as many (new) users as possible, the period of stay is usually not longer than five nights.
Exceptionally it may offer a longer length of accommodation in compliance with the specific needs of users who have started a therapeutic programme or are awaiting to enter into a residential community.Hospitality is immediate, informal, warm, and depends only on bed availability. The environment is comfortable, with a conversation area where guests can have access to books, magazines, informative materials on drug prevention, television and video-recorder, etc.

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