The semi-residential community

This structure - the first of its kind in Rome - was established in 1976. The therapeutic programme is structured taking into consideration each patient’s individuality. This program implies a twenty-month full participation in group therapy, sports and cultural activities, including a total involvement in the daily life of each community programme. Users are also regularly assisted by the Foundation’s Clinic Service.
This service provides:
  • individual and group psychotherapy
  • work therapy (gardening, cooking, cleaning and maintenance of the premises)
  • support towards detoxification
  • health and social assistance
  • self- awareness and self-help groups held by users r
  • ecreational activities (sports, society games)
  • cultural activities (visits to Museums and Exhibitions, projection of movies, library, theatrical activities, English lessons)
Assistance is extended also to patients’ families: they are involved in support and therapy groups, which vary according to the phase of the programme which their relatives are at. The staff is composed of fifteen people: psychologists, educators, social operators ( former IVDUs ) and volunteers.

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