The unit HIV

The principal objectives of this unit are to welcome and to  offer persons living with HIV and AIDS:
  • the possibility of improving the quality of their life even though living with the infection;
  • to limit the risk of new infections from sexually transmitted diseases by providing information and counselling aimed at avoiding risky behavior.
The activities carried out are:
  • counselling before and after testing,
  • anti-HIV clinical and infectious counselling,
  • monitoring,
  • hematological and chemical analysis,
  • support talks,
  • psycho-social intervention,
  • support to PLWHA families,
  • information and prevention on HIV/AIDS, particularly for the younger generation.
In September 1996, the Foundation was one of the first structures in Italy offering individuals the possibility of having the viral load test, a specific test evaluating the degree of HIV infection. This test is an indispensable tool which offers the possibility of making use of recent therapy against AIDS.
The test was possible thanks to the technical assistance of the Red Cross Central Laboratory carrying out the screening. Later on Villa Maraini suspended this test, since the public structures started to provide it.

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