Training Centre

Foreman: Anna Maria Ruggerini

Phone: (+39) 06 65753040
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The Villa Maraini staff are constantly refreshed and kept up to date through periodic dynamic supervision. Professional training courses are provided for reintegrated addicts, volunteers, teachers, prison project staff and vocational workers in the field of drugs and HIV/AIDS. It welcomes University and Professional school students from every part of the world for vocational training and apprenticeship.
Since 2004 Villa Maraini Foundation, together with the Italian Red Cross and with the participation of  the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, has been conducting training on harm reduction and drug abuse treatment for representatives of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies (RCRCNSs), so as to enable  those lacking expertise to be able to implement the  Drug abuse programmes in their own countries.
These series of training have allowed several NSs to improve their skills and carry out programmes in support of  drug addicts and people living with HIV and AIDS, and at the same time, have reinforced a network of civil society organizations with the same approach and methodology towards drug dependency treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Technical advice, including assessment and training, as well as programme support,  are  provided to National Societies (NSs) on how best to integrate care towards drug users in social sectors such as community health, social welfare and youth. Delegates coming from 23 different RCRCNSs have been trained till now.

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