The Villa Maraini Foundation O.N.L.U.S. has been operating in the complex reality of distress and addiction, also thanks to the support and engagement of a network of volunteers, formed directly within their own structures. Volunteering is a one year, There are three shifts per week of 6 ore ca. to be agreed with the leaders of the various services and support interventions concerns in the following structures:
  • Training Centre
  • Semi-residential therapeutic community
  • Telephone in Help
  • Guidance Centre
  • Prevention Unit and School Information
  • Stop the center Domiciliari
  • First Reception Centre
  • Prison Project
  • Street Unit -
  • Mobile Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Response
During the year, volunteers have the opportunity to acquire new cognitive skills and techniques for a safe and effective approach in relation to drug addicts. The work of volunteers is constantly supported by a supervisory work in group dynamics and personal experiences. And 'habit of Villa Maraini, select employees among those who voluntarily and for any reason attend and participate in the activities of the various sectors of the Foundation.

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