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Villa Maraini is a non-profit (non-profit organization) active in Rome from 1976. Inspired by the seven fundamental principles of the Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent contact, welcomes, care and rehabilitation without any pre-selection bias or people with drug problems. Every day assists more than 800 several people. Street units, phone help, emergency, clinical center, day center and night, therapeutic community, cooperative, etc ... take charge of the people accompanying them from the road to full rehabilitation.
The peer education and a flexible approach adapted to the needs of individuals in respect of human dignity are the foundations of ethics Villa Maraini.Once the person is attracted therapy is essential to ensure to cover even their basic needs: eat, sleep, rehabilitative activities and socialization. This type of service is already offered but what I intend to do with the support of donors “Google” is:
  • 1) Increase the number of victims offered daily by the Foundation;
  • 2) The night centers, always full, home 30 people per night: This service requires frequent renewal of sheets, pillows and towels;
  • 3) Provide guests of the Villa Maraini Foundation the opportunity to increase social activities (laboratories, sport, educational courses, etc.)

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Villa Maraini Foundation is a non-profit organization, active in Rome-Italy since 1976. Under the umbrella of the seven Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement Villa Maraini contacts, welcomes, treats and rehabilitate without selection and preconception of any kind, everybody with addiction problems. 800 different people are assisted every day.
The Foundation services, Street Unit, Phone Line, Emergency Unit, Clinic Service, Drop in Center, Orientation Centre, Semi Residential Therapeutic Community, Social Labour Cooperative, Prison Project, Night Shelter, The Open Community, follow up addicts, even from the Harm reduction strategy program to a total rehabilitation stage. Peer education and a flexible approach to treatment are fundamental to the Villa Maraini unique ethos.
Once the person is in therapy, it is essential to provide and guarantee the primary biological needs as well: to eat and to sleep. This type of service is already offered but, with the support of “Google” donors we intend to:
  • 1) increase the number of board offered every day by the Foundation, moving from an average of 200 to at least 250, for a monthly increase of 1500 meals;
  • 2) the night shelter service, always filled up, accommodates 30 persons every night: the beds and bedding materials including towels are supposed to be renewed;
  • 3) the Clinic service assists three hundred and fifty different persons every day: the sofas in the ambulatory waiting room and those in the Social and Psychological session rooms are over-used and should be substituted.

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